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Levitpet Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2019 by Mr Kaiwin who is pet lover with 3 cats and 2 dogs. As pet parent, we love pets and want them to be safe,healthy and happy. we concern about issues of pet’s health,pet’s safety,food nutrition,psychological happy and pets’ owner easier life just like you do. Therefore,Levitpet products is committed to reduce risk of pets’ healthy issues and enriching the interaction between pets and people by providing high-quality,safe products that support the health,happy of dogs,cats,ferrets,hamster and making pets’ owner life be easier.

Pets are our family members! We prioritize quality,focusing on properly designed products for your dogs and cats to live in good health,safety and comfortable environment. Today we run a nearly 4000 squares factory where we manufacture many of dog harness,cat harness,collars,leashes,dog bandana,pet bow tie,dog walking bag,poop bag,pet treat pouch,pet clothes,pet toys,pet bowl,pet auto feeder,pet dryer,cat fountain and hamster accessories etc all kind of pet accessories. All our pet products have passed Rosh,CE,FCC,CA65 and FDA certificate. We also support custom products that related to your lovely pets.

To close with pet parent,Levitpet sets up local warehouses and showrooms in United State, Canada,United Kingdom, Germany, Spain,Philippines,Indonesia,Nigeria and Ghana. Pet owners can get products in local warehouse without waiting long-time shipping from China. In future,our local warehouse will be founded in more and more countries step by step, which let our pet owners to receive best dog accessories cat accessories in your local city. We’re years in to running Levitpet now but we’re still excited every time when our pet parent sends us a message to tell us that our products provide health,safety and happy life for their pets or our products make their pet owner life be easier. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here and we can work a long term business partner together.


Mr Kaiwin is pet lover with 3 cats and 2 Teddy dogs. he love pets and want them to be safe,healthy and happy. But there are lot of pet products in market are poor quality and harmful to your pets.Making a safe quality accessories for your pets and making all pet owner's life be more easier is levitpet business faith.

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— Meet Our Managing Team —

Ken Y 1

Ken - CEO

Shareholder Of 6 Companies With 17 Year Managing Experience.

Rosalin L

Rosalin - VP & CFO

15 Years Big Customers Cooperation Experience.

Kenneth L 1

Kenneth - CTO & COO

20 Years Product Design & Manufacture Engineering Experience.

Andy Yin 1

Andy Yin - Senior Quality Inspector

5 Years Quality System Management Experience in Foxconn.



Professional pet products designer.

Lucas Z 1

Lucas - Africa Market Manager

6 Years Asia & Africa Market Development Experience.

Andy Yin 1

Andy Yin - Senior Quality Inspector

5 Years Quality System Management Experience in Foxconn.

- Our Production Line -

- Products Test Inspection Equipment & Lab -

Friction Test Machine

Abrasion Resistance Testers

RCA paper belt wear-resistant tester is suitable for pet products surface pattern and product firmness test. Your pet will bite or scratch pet products in daily life, so the product pattern and the firmness of the product itself must pass ASTM F2357-04 wear test standard. With RCA special paper tape, with fixed total amount (55g, 175G, 275G) applied on the surface of the product, with fixed diameter roller and fixed speed motor, with specific counter. all Levitpet pet products need to pass 20,000 wear tests to confirm the durability of the pet product.

Drop Test Machine

Tensile fatigue test

The main problem with most lead collar is stiffness when pulled. Every sudden pull by the owner can cause fear and psychological trauma to the pet, and the strong pull can cause damage to the soft tissue of the neck muscles and bones and congestion. Lack of professional lead and collars can lead to potential dangers for pets and owners. For example, it may cause soft tissue damage and congestion in pets and people. This machine can be used to test the fatigue life of different types of pet weight and traction rope. Simulate the stretching and recycling action of the product, test to the set number of times, test the comprehensive effect of the product, can prevent the damage caused by the pet yanking traction, ensure that the owner and pet go out together in harmony.

Salt Spray Test Equipment

Salt spray test equipment

Whether it's pet harness collar or other pet supplies such as automatic feeders, these products will be used in a variety of natural environments, so we need to ensure that all pet supplies have good corrosion resistance. then you can provide a safe and healthy pet products for your pets. The salt spray test chamber tests the corrosion resistance of all pet products after surface treatment, including coating, plating, organic and inorganic skin film, anodic treatment, rust oil and other anti-corrosion treatments,all levitpet per supplies products have to be passed salt spray test before shipment to ensure the quality of the product.

Quadratic Measuring Instrument

Quadratic Measuring Instrument

Dog owners often have a very close relationship with their pets, so they are curious to know if the constant force of a collar or harness could injure their pets.If the force generated is excessive, the collar or harness has the potential to cause mechanical or ischemic damage to the brain, thyroid, trachea, larynx, and esophagus. In addition, if the jugular vein is compressed too much, the intraocular pressure may also increase.To solve this problem, Levitate uses tiny force transducers to test specific types of collars and harnesses. If the force on the collar is applied only to the dog's neck and throat, it may cause injury to the dog. If the applied force is distributed over a large area, the effect can be greatly reduced. The data collected will also help pet owners better choose collars and Harness.

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