Are Automatic Feeders Good for Dogs?

Automatic feeders

Automatic feeders are built to dispense a specific amount of food at a chosen time, so you do not have to do it. So many pet owners ask, are the automatic feeders good for dogs? Though they look like a great solution if you are away from home or stuck in an unexpectedly long meeting as they take the responsibility to ensure the feeding of your pet. Let’s discover whether these gadgets are worth buying or not and are they designed to make a pet parent’s life easier.

How does an automatic feeder work?

The automatic feeder has a compartment filled with food and some settings to set a schedule for feeding the dog. When the in-built clock reaches the right time, it opens up and gives the meal to your pet. There is a range of automatic feeders, from a simple basic scheduled portion offering feeders to those with high-end featured feeders connected with the smartphone.

Why do we need an automatic feeder?

If you have a dog that howls at the crack of dawn for feed and you are too lazy to get up early in the morning, particularly on weekends. Then the automatic feeder may do a great favor for you. An automatic feeder can give you peace of mind that it will take care of your dog’s food when you are not home or sleepy in the morning. 

Ten to twelve meals can be easily scheduled, and without worrying, you can keep your focus on your work or where it needs to be. An automatic feeder also proves good for weight management in your foodie pet as it releases the calculated portion of the food. An advanced featured feeder with a microchip can be a lifesaver for those with more than one pet because it delivers food accordingly after identifying the chip-embedded pet.

Are automatic feeders bad for dogs?

Automatic feeders are not bad for dogs, but they have some cons. This gadget can get jammed and may not be able to deliver the food timely while you are out, or sometimes can release an excessive amount of feed due to malfunctioning. So, both situations are not desirable as they can lead to hunger or excessive feeding. 

They are convenient but cannot be a substitute for the time, love, and affection you spend with your dog while feeding them. Moreover, you may be unable to notice your pet’s feeding pattern or their interest in food. Most automatic feeders are designed for dry food, so if your dog is on wet or canned food, it may also not be possible for you to use an automatic feeder.

How do I train my dog for an automatic feeder?

Put the food in the levitpet automatic feeder, show your dog the food, and close the lid. Ask your dog to sit and then pop the lid open. Do this for two to three meals for 3-5 days at specific times, and once they get used to it, let the feeder do it for you.


Are the automatic feeders good for dogs? Yes, they are good and safe to use for your dog unless it does not replace your time and care for your pet.

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