What Are Toys Dangerous For Dogs?


Toys are an excellent way for your dog to have fun. They can play with toys, chew on them, and even hide them around the house. The list of toys is long and varied. There are several categories of toys, including interactive toys for your dog’s mental stimulation, boredom-breaking exercise, and chewable toys that will keep your dog busy for hours. However, some toys are dangerous for dogs.

What Are Juguetes Dangerous For Dogs?

Some toys should never be used because they can cause serious injury; here are some of the most dangerous types of toys:

Dog toys with small parts or sharp edges are unsafe for dogs to play with. These toys can hurt your dog if they get caught in a zipper or get their mouth stuck on one of the pieces of fabric or foam. Some of the most popular toys include plush toys and stuffed animals. These can be great ways to keep your dog active and happy, but they can also cause much damage if not appropriately supervised.

Anything with a cord

From the remote control to your phone, cords are the number one cause of electrocution and strangulation for dogs. When a dog gets tangled in a cord, it can strangle them or pull them into something sharp. These types of toys can clog and chock a dog. They also pose a risk if swallowed accidentally.

Large & Heavy toys

It includes balls and other heavy-weight items that could be difficult for your dog to control once he gets hold of it.

Toy balls  

These are fun to play fetch with, but they can be dangerous if swallowed by your canine friend as they could cause choking or blockages in their digestive system. These can get stuck in your dog’s throat or intestines, causing internal injuries.

Plastic chew toys

These toys may look like they’re made of rubber, but they’re not. They can cause cuts in your dog’s mouth and eventually lead to tooth loss.


These include plastic, phthalates, and PVC, which are carcinogenic. If your dog gets a hold of this item, there’s a good chance he’ll swallow them whole, which can cause an intestine blockage.

Squeaky toys

Squeaky toys are often made from plastic and have small parts that can break off inside a dog’s mouth or digestive system if its owner gives them as a toy. Dogs have suffered from intestinal blockages after swallowing pieces of squeaky toys.


Beads have loose parts that could choke your dog. Even if small pieces aren’t swallowed by accident, they can still get lodged in their throat or intestines, causing blockages and vomiting, leading to death if left untreated.

Final Suggestion

Toys can be dangerous for dogs, but you can ensure that your dog has a harmless toy to play with. Levitpet toys are safe for your dog; we recommend trying for your fur ball. If you give your dog a toy, it’s essential to ensure it is secure and appropriate for your pet.


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