Why Does My Cat Prod Me?


Prodding or Kneading is the term used to describe a cat’s behavior when it tries to get your attention or communicate with you. Prod behavior can signify that your cat is lonely, anxious, or wants attention.

Reasons for Prodding In Cats

Cats use their paws and tails to prod others to communicate with them. Prodding is not a normal part of feline behavior and should never be ignored. Here are some reasons why your cat may prod you:


Your cat may prod you if he’s feeling lonely or alone. Cats are solitary animals and do not like being around other cats unless they are related family members. If only one person lives in the home, your cat may be attempting to get your attention so that you will play with him or groom him. Cats will also prod their owners when hungry, just because they like the feeling of being stroked on their back.


Your cat may prod when he feels anxious or needs to get your attention because he feels threatened by something outside of his territory, such as another animal or person approaching him while he is eating or sleeping. He may also try to get someone’s attention to let them know that something scary is outside his territory – perhaps another animal has been chasing him just around their home!

Need Attention

The most common reason your cat prods you are to get your attention. Cats are very social animals, and they love to be around people. They will often poke at things in hopes of getting your attention. Some cats use prods as a way to communicate with their owners.

Change in Routine

The second reason your cat might prod you is if he’s feeling insecure and wants reassurance that everything is okay. Suppose your cat has been displaced from his usual routines and suddenly finds him in unfamiliar territory. In that case, it can be very stressful for him, making him even more likely to try and get attention from you by prodding you with his paw or tail.

How to control prodding behavior in cats

If you’re worried that your cat is trying to prod you, try these steps:

  1. If your cat is just curious, it may just want to look at you. You can talk to them while gently petting them.
  2. If your cat is bored, try giving him Levitpet toys or treats to play with or feed him a treat before he tries to prod you again.
  3. If your cat’s behavior hasn’t changed after trying these tips, it might be time for the vet!

Final Word!

Prodding can occur in several situations, including petting your cat, feeding him, playing with him, or just being in his presence. Your cat may prod you if he feels threatened or thinks he’s losing control of the situation. He may also prod if he’s nervous about something — perhaps because he doesn’t know what else to do or because he doesn’t like the sound of your voice.

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