Cat Toys For When You Are Away: Interactive Cat Toys


Cats love to play. But what do you do when you’re away for extended periods? How do you entertain your cat during those times? For me, the answer was simple: I bought toys. When you are away, a cat toy will keep your kitty entertained. It can also be a training tool to teach them new tricks. You can’t just leave your cat home alone all day, so you have to find something that keeps them occupied and happy.

I’ve tried a lot of different toys over the years, and these are the ones that I found most successful. Here are some of the best Lévitpet cat toys for when you are away.

Catit Senses Maze

The Catit Senses Maze is an interactive cat toy that allows you to play with your cat while stimulating its senses. The Senses Maze comes in three different levels, so it’s perfect for all ages and stages of development.

KONG Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is another interactive toy that allows your cat to play with you by bouncing around in their mouth. The wobbler comes in two sizes, one for small cats and one for larger cats. The wobbler will keep them entertained for hours on end!

Temptations Treat Ball

The Temptations Treat Ball is another interactive toy that keeps your cat occupied for hours! This treat ball is made from soft rubber and can be stuffed with treats.

Catnip Jouets

Cats love anything that smells like catnip. It includes toys made with catnip, such as toy mice and stuffed animals. If you want to give your cat a toy they will love, make sure it has some catnip inside of it. You can even put some in the stuffing if you like!

Toys with Balls

Kittens love balls because they can roll them around and chase them down with their paws until they fall over or get tired! Ball toys can be made of many materials, including rubber or plastic. You should choose a ball that is appropriate for how old your cat is — too young may choke on it!

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are another option to keep your cat entertained while away. These games require skill and coordination, which keeps your cat active and involved in the process and will help prevent boredom.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are one of the most popular cat toys, especially for indoor cats who don’t get enough exercise outside. They make lots of noise and provide entertainment for your cat all day long. You can find any toy your kitty likes — mice, balls, or even little mice!

DIY Boxes

Cats also love boxes! Fill a cardboard box with treats, such as tuna or catnip. Place a few holes in each side of the box so your cat paw can get in and out quickly without using his teeth to open it up wide enough for him to fit through all at once!

To Conclude!

While it’s nice to see your cat happy and playing around in the yard, keeping them safe when you are away from home is also essential. Cats are brilliant and can have a lot of fun playing with toys. It is necessary to choose a toy that will keep your cat entertained and challenged so that they will have fun while also getting exercise. The best cat toys for when you are away are ones that your cat can play with for hours.

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