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    Foldable Pet Bottle
    LP-CT02 Pet Walking Collapsible Water Bottle

    Levitpet LP-CT02 Pet walking collapsible water bottle is a very space friendly and handy water bottle for your outdoor activities with your pets. No matter you do walking, travel, camping, hiking or biking with your pets,it’s convenient for you and your pets to drink water without wasting to throw away so many disposable bottles.

    This pet walking collapsible water bottle is perfect for anyone who is going to outdoor activities,school,walking dog,travel,running or hike.Comparing with others collapsible water bottle,LP-CT02 pet walking collapsible water bottle has large improvements on material and structure design. It’s durable,leak-proof,BPA free safe material,rubber smell free,stand up straight well and collapsible.

    There are many poor quality collapsible water bottle you may purchased.those poor quality collapsible water bottle were made of poor quality silicone which is not a food grade silicone and floppy structure design,it’s harmful for you and your pets’ health.You also can’t get past the rubber smell no matter how many times you washed them.

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