Pet Seat Belt

  • Pet Safety Seat BeltPet Safety Seat Belt
    Pet Seat Belt
    Pet Safety Seat Belt

    Levitpet LP-CT01 seat belt is a professional safety seat belt for your dog or other furry pet.

    This pet seat belt is upgrade design according to thousand pet’s owner feedback. Comparing with general seat belt,LP-CT01 safety seat belt has large improvements on latch design,sturdy belt material,perfect size and untangled clip connector.

    There are many poor quality pet seat belts you may purchased.those poor quality seat belts were made of terylene and poor quality nylon,which can’t provide your pet security and peace of mind when a bad car crash.

    Levitpet LP-CT01 pet seat belts are much sturdier and better made than others,we adopt standard car safety seat belt as raw material to provide your pets better safety. LP-CT01 seat belts were made of chinlon,vinylon,silk material and high strength nylon,which can keep your dog back in the seat and keep them from getting hurt while driving. (The capacity of a standard car seat belt is between three and five thousand kilograms )

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