Os brinquedos para cães são seguros?


The short answer is yes, dog toys are safe. Dogs can get injured from dog toys too, but they’re less likely to do so because most of the time, you know what’s in a toy, and you’re careful about it. If you want to be sure that every toy in your house is safe for your pup, here are some things to keep in mind:

Characteristics of Safe Dog Toys!

1. Safe Design

First of all, look at the toy closely before buying it. Make sure the design of the toy and how it’s made are safe for your dog. For example, if the toy has lots of small parts that could cause choking, or if it has lots of wires inside that could be chewed on by your dog and cause injury or worse.

2. Non-toxic

Dog toys should be non-toxic. You don’t want anything toxic in your dog’s mouth (and you don’t want anything toxic on their skin). If a dog toy contains something toxic, bring it to the manufacturer’s attention so they can make sure that it has been tested for safety and removed from the market; some products have been recalled because of toxicity concerns.

3. High-quality Material

Dog toys should be made with high-quality materials. It goes double for any chew toys — your dog’s teeth will eventually wear down any rubber or plastic material they choose to chew on. So avoid cheap rubber balls and other low-quality items. If you see any problems with a particular toy, don’t buy it for your dog! Instead, find another playing thing for them to enjoy and play.

4. Contact Manufacturer

If you still wish to buy a toy for your dog but are unsure about its safety, then contact the manufacturer directly and ask them about the product’s materials used in making it and any possible risks involved in using such items around dogs.

Qualities of levitapet Brinquedos para cães

levitapet dog toys are carefully selected for their safety. We do our best to source only toys that are made from materials that are non-toxic and phthalate-free. Most of our products are made from natural rubber, a safe and non-toxic material. The most common types of rubber used in dog toys are latex and vinyl. These have been tested and found to be safe for dogs to chew.

Our policy is to keep all products under strict control so that no harmful chemicals or toxic material can leach out over time or get into the environment where other pets live and play (and ultimately, best for your canine buddy).

To Conclude — Are Dog Toys Safe?

Yes, they are safe! However, if you want to make sure that your dog is playing with a safe and fun toy, there are several things mentioned in detail you can follow. If you’re concerned about the safety of any toy your dog plays with, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to confirm its safety before giving it to your pet.

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