How To Stop Your Dog From Destroying Stuff


Problem Statement

I’ve been dealing with this problem for several months, and I’m still unsure how to stop my dog from destroying stuff. I have a ten-year-old Labrador retriever named Oscar who loves chewing on things and playing with toys. He also loves digging through the trash, looking for something he can chew up and hide in his room.

Every time he sees something, he wants to chew on it. He has to get it out of the house! He will chew on anything from shoes, socks, books and even plastic bags. I’ve tried everything from using bitter apple spray to putting peanut butter on his toys, but nothing has worked so far!

You may be surprised to learn that many dogs destroy their toys. The problem is that in most cases, the dog is not trying to destroy the toy; instead, they are just bored and looking for something to do.

If your dog is a destructive chewer, you may have tried everything to stop him from chewing on furniture or other items. You may have even resorted to using a shock collar. Read on for tips on preventing your dog from destroying stuff.

The Best Tip on How To Stop Your Cão From Destroying Stuff

Keep Items Away

Keep the household items out of your dog reach. When he has access to them, he may think they are toys and chew on them until they are destroyed.

Give Quality Food

Make sure your pet is eating the High quality protein rich food. If he is eating table scraps or treats, don’t give him those foods because they can be toxic if consumed in large quantities over time (such as chocolate). Don’t leave messes around the house when you aren’t home so that he doesn’t have an excuse!

Replace Old brinquedos

Take away his favorite toys and replace them with new ones that he won’t destroy straight away, like stuffed animals or tennis balls, instead of toys with strings attached like balls or tug-of-war ropes.

Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Provide plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. Exercise will help your dog burn off excess energy and stress, making the dog less likely to want to destroy things just because he is bored. A great way to provide mental stimulation is by playing with your dog or walking him for at least an hour a day.

Provide Best brinquedos

Make sure your dog has plenty of levitapet best dog toys available for playtime around the house. If you have only one toy, he may feel the need to destroy something else just because he can’t find another toy in time.

Food Supply

Keep a good supply of food on hand for when he gets bored with his toys or needs something else to entertain himself besides chewing on furniture or blankets. If you have more than one dog in the house, keep plenty of treats on hand so they can all get together for group snack time!

Walk on Leash

If you have a giant dog who is destructive by nature, keep him on a leash when he isn’t confined to an area where he can’t get access to anything he wants to chew up!


Dogs are a lot like kids; they can be destructive and don’t understand why they’re being told not to do something. The best way to stop them from destroying stuff is to teach them what is and isn’t okay. Start by teaching your dog “no” and “leave it,” then move on to “get down,” “stop,” or “stay.”

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