When a Dog Should Be Fed


The ideal dog feeding schedule is twice a day, with breakfast and dinner. It’s also easier to plan your meals around when you feed your dog, which can help prevent overeating or binge eating and keep your dog healthy. If you’re unsure when to feed your dog, you should talk with your veterinarian.

Critical Considerations


Puppies eat more frequently than older dogs do. The average puppy consumes up to two cups of food every three hours, while an adult dog only needs one cup daily.


Smaller dogs need less food than larger ones because they burn energy faster and don’t require as much nourishment.

Training Status

Dogs that run after squirrels or retrieve games need more calories than those who don’t exercise vigorously, so adjust their portion sizes accordingly.

Activity Level

Over activity and stress from weather conditions may also cause your pet’s appetite to change — especially with puppies less than six months old or those who have recently had surgery.

Nutrient Dense Diet

The most important thing to consider when deciding on a portion of dog food is the nutrient density of the food. Nutrient-dense foods provide the proper balance of nutrients for your dog’s age and life stage.

The best way to understand this concept is through a comparison of the different types of ingredients in a food. The first ingredient should be meat, then kibbles, vegetables, or fruit. It’s high-quality puppy food!

How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog? 

The amount of food you should give your dog depends on several factors, including weight, age, activity level, and diet type (raw or kibble). Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Toy Dog Size: 0-10 lbs – 1 cups per day
  2. Small Dog Size: 10-20 lbs – 2 cups per day
  3. Medium Dog Size: 20-40 lbs – 2-3 cups per day
  4. Large Dog Size: 40+ lbs – 3-4 cups per day

Feeding Schedule

The time interval between two meals should be 8-12 hours. The first feeding should be at least two hours before the dog goes to bed. It gives your pet time to digest their food and ensures they get enough energy in the morning.

The second feeding is usually around 10 or 11 am and takes place during the day when you’re at work or busy doing other things. It is essential because it gives your dog food that is not just filler but contains nutrients that will help them stay healthy throughout the day.

Some Good Suggestions

The general rule is that if you have a busy schedule, you should feed your dog once a day. If you have no busy schedule, you should provide twice a day. Scientific studies suggest feeding your furry friend once a day could help in weight management and decrease obesity and diabetes chances. Moreover, one-time feeding increases the longevity and health status of your dog.  

Takeaway Message!

If you feed your dog a homemade diet, it’s essential to monitor the quality and consistency of their food. It would help to consider a large bowl for feeding your dog. For this, I suggest levitapet Dog Food Bowls, which are durable, broad, and made of the best material.

Dogs should feed a balanced diet with high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. The best way to determine what foods are appropriate for your dog is to consult your veterinarian, who can advise you about weight management and other health conditions.

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